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Travis Kalanick: Uber's top lawyer will leave the company - ghosh ====== jweir Reading the article, it sounds like the only thing Travis did for Uber is get sued, and the other two lawyers were also involved. I think he is a good CEO, if for no other reason than his ability to back up his decisions with external legal services. ------ crdoconnor >If and when Kalanick leaves the company, he’ll start his own legal services company. Not really surprised, this type of firm specializes in suing business (like Uber) for just such a reason. Funny how they don't mention Eric Holder or Barack Obama (unless he's been cancelled as the Attorney General) when they talk about "executive branch" crimes or overreach. ~~~ I am curious as to how you justify a "company" being punished for the actions of its "leadership". >I am curious as to how you justify a "company" being punished for the actions of its "leadership". What are you talking about? This isn't punishment for a company's actions, this is a separate action against a lawyer. I'm talking about this: "Big tech companies including Uber, Facebook, and Google have come under investigation by several states. In August, the Attorney General Eric Holder of the United States Department of Justice expanded the investigation to include enforcement actions against the five largest technology companies and agencies who aid them in collecting user data." [ attor...]( attorney-general/) To say that this is an action against Travis is an understatement. What will this cost Uber's brand and their business? I'm going to guess a few thousand



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Unit Ut60e Software vasquan
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